BuyersBuying a home can be extremely exciting and also very intimidating.  This is especially true for you first time home buyers.  My goal is to make it as enjoyable and stress free as possible.  I will work with you to navigate the process.

Many buyers are not aware that Realtors, like me, are legally obligated to work for the seller.  This means that by law we have to disclose to the seller any information that would be advantageous to them.  It is pretty clear why this is not a desirable situation as a buyer.  This is also why I would not recommend writing an offer with the listing agent of the home you wish to buy, or builder.  The listing agent also has a more obvious agreement with the seller to market their home and look out for their best interest.  In the case of a builder they are business building homes so they do care about their outcome and probably do not have your best interest in mind.  There is an exception however.  If you did decide to write an offer with a listing agent they legally need to disclose to you that they are now acting as a “dual agent”.  In this situation the listing agent can not disclose any information that may be advantageous to party, you as the buyer or seller.

The best situation for you as a buyer is to get a buyers agency contract.  Get your own representation! The buyer agency contract is a contract that shifts the Realtor’s duties to having the buyer’s best interest in mind.  So any information I can give my buyer an advantage with I disclose to you.  This just makes sense as a buyer; it may be a huge advantage. If you work with me and we have a buyer’s agency agreement signed I should note that if you are unhappy with the services I provide and we cannot resolve the problem, I will void this contract.  Additionally this contract assures me that I have a serious buyer who wants to work with me exclusively.  Most agents will not admit that it also protects them, but then I am not your typical agent.  Ultimately this contract is great for the buyer and a bit of security for me.  Bottom line get your own representation, I have seen it make a big difference.

As a buyer you should know that having your own representation generally cost you nothing.  This is also why I absolutely love working with buyers!  My earnings come from the sellers net.  This is another reason why you should contact me when you’re ready to buy!

Generally the first thing you should do as a buyer is schedule a meeting with a lender.  I always recommend meeting with at least two maybe more.  It makes sense to compare.  Interest rates, closing costs etc. should not vary a whole lot, but again compare and find someone you feel you can trust.  Also, some lenders may have specific programs that meet your specific needs, and others may not.  I would be happy to give you some of my most trusted and favorite lenders.  The meeting with them does not cost you anything and they can figure out how much you can afford, as well as other pertinent information like interest rates, and closing fees.  When you meet with them tell them you’re thinking about buying a home and would like a “Good Faith Estimate”.  They typically would like to know what price range you’re thinking as well as the area.

Please if you have any questions at all do not hesitate to contact me.  I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to help you find a home and make it an enjoyable experience.

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