Search For Homes From Your Cell Phone

Search For Homes From Your Cell Phone

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to let you all know that you can now search for homes from your cell phone.  This is a FREE service provided to you.  Just follow the instructions below and enjoy searching homes from your cell.

Generation X buys 6 out of 10 homes on the market. Generation X’ers are already 28-45 years old according to the SmarterAgent website. Generation X thinks desktops are for office work, and laptops are cumbersome. That’s why we offer a cutting-edge mobile solution to meet this generation head on (SmarterAgent, 2010).

Mobile is the New Internet

To date more than 300 people have downloaded the Greenridge Mobile Search application, which has generated close to 2,000 user logins, 2300 searches, almost 2400 property views and 141 calls to Greenridge agents.

Mobile search applications will soon be the primary real estate search tool for buyers and sellers with web-enabled phones.  Smarter Agent, our mobile platform provider is getting a new user every 90 seconds.  According to their data, users view 40 to 50 properties per session and log-in to the system an average of 12 times per month.

I  encourage you all to utilize this state of the art tool.

Text GREENRE to 87778 or go to

Search For Homes From Your Cell Phone

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